Currently I work in Nokia as a UX designer.
I also volunteer for CreativeMornings Ottawa.
Rest of the time, I experiment with projects here and there.

All in all, I am a digital designer who loves all things tech, culture, and psychology.
Nothing excites me more than making new connections with ideas and people.

Some of my works

Ottawa Civic Tech

Designing a vibrant visual identity with community engagement in mind, and in practice.

Coming soon

Re4m Website
Design & Illustration

Marketing a sustainable, local, and creative interior design service for Ottawa’s indie retail spaces.

Coming soon

Language Interpretor
for Airport

Airport language service devices for assisting air travelers with communication in local languages.

Coming soon

for Temaki Sushi

Eating with modernity, minimalism, and elegance; made possible with traditional jig & fixture manufacturing.

Coming soon

Professional Strengths

There are certain skills and mindsets that help me do my job well as a designer.
If you’re interested in how I design, these are the what and why.

  • Design softwares are my hands

    Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffect, Sketch, and InVision all are how I deliver quality designs. Skillfulness in the tools I use is a big part of my creative work.

  • User centered design is my light

    I see every problem in the light of Design Thinking. I champion this iterative process, and bring user research, prototyping, IA, and more methods to the table.

  • Collaborative work is my heart

    Excellent works are often not the work of one individual. I depend on others as much as they depend on me, so I keep my communication clear, productive, and warm.

  • Technical knowledge is my jam

    Working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JS, helps me tremendously, and I'm learning more of SCSS, React, and Jekyll. Beside coding, I love learning about domain knowledge through different projects.

Get in touch with me

I believe in the power of human connections. Whether you have an idea for something cool, or you just want to talk about life, I'd be glad to write, chat, or have a cup of tea with you :)